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"It's tough to know what questions you should ask a wedding videographer. Most people have never worked with a videographer before, and something like a wedding film is typically not a small investment for most people.
I will try to answer some of the questions I find myself answering frequently below. If you have other questions for me, don't hesitate to reach out! I'm always happy to answer any and all questions."

  • Do you shoot alone? or do you have a second shooter?
    Everything you currently see on this website was shot alone by myself, which is challenging for sure, but it can be done. There are some limits to what I am able to do alone, as I can obviously only be in one place at a time. For some weddings, this is no problem at all. For others, it can be quite challenging. These events move quick, and depending on the logistics of the venue, the locations involved, and the itinerary for the day, I may or may not have to cut certain elements short, or skip them all-together when working alone. I do require a little bit of time to setup for ceremonies and receptions, so if the itinerary doesn't leave time for me to do these things, then I usually need to cut some activities short and go get setup. A second shooter definitely gives me more material to work with in the end, it gives me more angles and focal lengths, and reduces the chances of technical issues, but it does cost more to hire help for the day so rather than a substantial increase in my base-pricing, I leave it up to couples to decide if they want me to have one present.
  • Are you willing to travel for a wedding?
    Yes. My primary area of business is the Lower Mainland (previously the Okanagan), but I do book weddings all over British Columbia, and I am definitely willing to travel nation-wide as well as internationally for destination weddings. If you have a wedding outside the Lower Mainland, feel free to reach out! I am happy to give you a quote for estimated travel expenses (I keep things as cheap as I possibly can, I will work with you to find a solution).
  • Do you film elopements?
    Yes, elopement packages are available along-side full-day wedding packages.
  • What format will my film be delivered in?
    All wedding films are shot and delivered in 4K resolution. This is known as UHD, or Ultra-High Definition video. The resolution is 4X that of HD 1080p footage, which means your film will be "future-proofed" and meet industry standards well into the future. You will also receive a 1080p version specifically for social media platforms like Instagram which do not currently support 4K resolution.
  • How long will my wedding film be?
    My base package includes a 5-6 minute wedding film. This is the 'minimum length' I offer for wedding films, but run-times may vary. A second shooter present increases the minimum to 7-8 Minutes. Some weddings end up being much longer than this, but it all depends on the wedding, what I am able to capture, as well as stylistic choices. If the logistics of the wedding leave me a good amount of time at all of the different locations involved, and there are plenty of great moments (speeches, ceremony, other candid moments), the videos tend to stretch a little longer as I usually end up with a lot more material in the editing phase, and it's easier for me to keep the edit engaging. The goal is for me to create an edit that you will want to watch repeatedly. Most people who have 20-30 minute edits of their wedding day only watch the video once, and then very rarely ever revisit it (if they ever do at all), because it's sort of like sitting down to watch an entire episode of a tv show, it's a bit of a time commitment, and it's harder to share with loved ones. If I feel like I can create an edit that keeps you engaged for 8-10+ minutes, I will do just that, but 5-6 minutes is sort of a sweet spot for my particular style. Not too long, not too short, very engaging and easy to share with friends and family without a huge time commitment. However; if you want to have your entire ceremony or speeches, or the entirety of the footage from the day because there are moments you want to keep that didn't make the final edit, you can add these to your package at an additional cost.
  • How long will it take to receive my film?
    I aim to have films delivered within 8 weeks if I can, but delivery can take up to 16 weeks depending on the edit and a variety of outside factors. I do have work and study outside of wedding videography, so my time editing is split between the hours I have available when not engaged in other work. There have been occasions where I have completed an edit in as little as 1 week because I had a lot of free time and I was completely OBSESSED with the edit, working on it 16 hrs a day. Editing time varies greatly. The important thing is that I take my time to get things right. I don't rush these edits out the door, it just all depends on how things come together in the editing room, and what I have going on outside of this business at the time. Sometimes I will spend weeks going over an edit making very subtle changes and doing a lot of fine-tuning to get it "just right", sometimes this process happens faster than others. I think most couples would rather wait an extra week or two for a high quality product, rather than just receive it a little faster. These videos aren't cheap and I want what I deliver to you to be well worth the wait, and the price.
  • How will my film be delivered?
    All wedding films are delivered via digital download. They are also posted online and viewable anytime.
  • What if I want changes to the final film?
    Though major change requests are quite uncommon for me, I have had some small requests from time to time. I will take a look at any change-requests and assess them on a case-by-case basis. It is usually something very minor and no problem to adjust within a day or two. If it is a major overhaul of the film which will require many many hours of work, this may incur additional cost. For the most part, everyone has been very happy with their wedding films. I may make minor adjustments here and there when I get requests like "Do you have a shot of my grandma that you could squeeze in somewhere? If not, don't worry! We love it!", those types of adjustments are usually no problem.
  • Can I get all of the RAW footage from the wedding day?
    I offer what I call a FOMO edit, which is all of the footage from your wedding day put into one long video file. The "RAW" footage produced by my cameras is basically useless to anyone that isn't themselves an editor as you won't be able to open the files without special software and a high-end PC. The FOMO edit as well as additional edits and add-ons are available for all wedding packages. These are offered as a-la-carte options during the booking process so you can get everything you want along-side your wedding film :)
  • What kind of back-up measures do you have in place?
    When it comes to preparing for unforeseen technical issues, I do not take any chances. Everything from the audio recording devices to the memory cards has back-up measures in place during your wedding. If some device were to fail, there is at least 2 or 3 other devices backing it up. You can rest assured that even in the unlikely event that a mechanical failure of some kind were to occur, there is a fail-safe in place. It's difficult to predict all of the little technical things that could possibly go wrong in a day, so I tend to go overkill on my backups. On more than one occasion this has saved the day. Whether a DJ accidentally turns off my recorder, or a battery dies, or any number of things that could happen, I prepare for any possible event I can.
  • How long do you keep the footage from my wedding?
    12 Months or more : I try to keep the footage as long as I can, after 12 months from delivery, depending on how much storage space I have, your footage may be deleted. Additional edits are available for purchase as long as I still have the footage, which may be longer than 12 months after the wedding. You can always reach out and check with me at any time. Unfortunately these wedding projects are quite massive as far as file size goes, so it can get expensive to keep all of them permanently backed up. At a certain point, I need to make room for the next batch.
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